Everywhere in the world is f

Выходцы из города Тырныауза и Эльбрусского района, которые достигли больших успехов

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Everywhere in the world is f

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Everywhere in the world is full of love, with personal experience, what you see with your own eyes, and what you hear, we grow up in love and live in love.e love of parents is selfless, the love of friends is sincere, the love of strangers is moving, and it is unforgettable for life. I have experienced such a thing when I was a child, and it has been vividly seen so far. remember when I went to work in kindergarten, at 4:30, my mother came to the kindergarten to pick me up on time. I ate the fruit that my mother brought me, and I drunk Wangzi. I told my mother about my day in kindergarten, I didn��t know it. We arrived at the door of the community, and suddenly there was a gust of wind Newports Wholesale. "No, it's going to rain!" Mom looked up at the sky and said. We have stepped up. We haven't waited for us to take a few steps. The big raindrops are rushing down to the ground, and they are quickly densely populated. There is no way we can quickly run to an entrance to our nearest unit. Because the rain was too big and accompanied by strong winds Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, we were still drenched by the rain. My mother took me to the second floor of the corridor to shelter from the rain Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. After about 10 minutes, the rain was a little small, but there was no sign of stopping. Our clothes were all wet Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes, and my mother was glaring at me, for fear that I was suffering from a cold illness. At this time, an uncle came down from the upstairs. He took the initiative to ask us about the situation. Mom told him that we would live in The unit inside was blocked by the rain. I only heard the uncle say, "I am sending you home." My mother felt very embarrassed Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, but at the uncle's sincere request, she agreed. From this to our family, I will go 3- 5 minutes, the uncle's umbrella hit the top of my body, because my mother is carrying me, so we are not very exposed, only the uncle's body, drenched wet, finally arrived at our downstairs, I saw the uncle's wet clothes. , But also saw his shoes were dirty rainwater invasion, my mother kept saying sorry and thanks,le can say nothing. Looking at his back gradually, we will not only be moved, but I still remember this uncle: He is very tall and handsome, and lives in 9 buildings in our community.his matter is deeply imprinted in my young mind. In my later life, it reminds me of being a good student who cares for others and gives a helping hand when others encounter difficulties.
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